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We work with businesses in Huddersfield and across the UK of all sizes to leverage their values and passion, into real-world sales through branding and web design. Don't be afraid to stand out from your competitors, let's start your journey together today!

What we offer:

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Your brand isn't just a nice logo, it's every feeling a person has when they come into contact with your business. Is it your time to stand out?


Its easy to throw money away on fruitless marketing ventures, we take a strategic approach and treat your money like it was our own budget!


In 2024 its easier than ever to have your own website. If you want to be taken seriously, don't look like an amateur. Show your website some love!

We deliver the perfect solution no matter the business type or size


If you're just starting out in business it can be hard; but if you have an amazing idea and passion, we're ready to help create your perfect logo and web design for you to grow with.


You've got to where you are by being the best, but now you know its time to step up your marketing game, we're ready to talk to you today about how we can help develop leads.


There's always a competitor chasing at your heels, you need to stay at the top of your field we're on hand to craft the perfect marketing strategy and online presence for your company.

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We're Breaking Free Design!

We're a logo, graphic design and web design agency based in Huddersfield, in the heart of Yorkshire, but we serve businesses from across the UK and the rest of the world with a range of services. Thanks to the digital age we can help you no matter where you are with everything from your brand strategy to visual output as well as website design to SEO. We're always up for a friendly chat about your business, so talk to us today.

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Our clients

We love our clients who come in all shapes and sizes. We've designed websites and logos for one person sole traders in Huddersfield all the way up to national institutions across the UK. We'd love to work with your business on your branding and website design, so why not talk to our team today?

A selection of reviews

Reviews and testimonials are the lifeblood of many businesses, we know the importance of keeping our clients happy and are happy to share their feedback. You can find more on Google Business or Trustpilot. Every website design can benefit from social proof, if you don't show off what other's think of your business, it's time to start!

Being social is important

Imortant FAQs

What are graphic design services?

Graphic design is a term that encompasses a wide range of design skills such as logo design, brand building, print design (e.g. business cards, leaflets, posters etc), web design and many other design-based skills. These days with access to the internet many people are able to design, but not all are graphic designers. We like to think of this like the difference between a builder compared to someone who built their own shed. 

Where is Breaking Free Design located?

We are based within Turnbridge Mills in Huddersfield. Here we are able to meet clients to discuss all of their logo, web design and marketing needs. Being based in Huddersfield gives us great advantages as a central location, enabling us to take advantage of transport links, while lower costs of living allow us to offer competitive prices.

Do you work with my industry?

We work with a range of business types operating in a variety of sectors. Our logo designs and websites aren't limited to any one area. The design principles and research methods we use are applicable across many fields and at the heart of design are people, focussing on pleasing and meeting their needs. Because of this we have successfully designed for stadiums and universities as well as pet food suppliers and gym owners plus everything in between.