3 reasons why your business should run events

The events industry in the UK is growing exponentially. However, it’s not just event businesses that are involved. Businesses such as yours, whether you are Huddersfield based or in a big city should be jumping on this great marketing tactic. We will delve into the 3 reasons why your business should run events in 2020. 

Revenue stream

Being the expert in your field is key to building your company profile or even your personal brand.  Let’s say you’re a service-based business offering coaching services, it may be hard for your prospects to see if you’re credible, authentic or suited to their tastes. However, holding an event where you give away nuggets of information within the event can quickly help build your reputation within the area and show you off as a thought leader. Photos and videos from the day are also great long term marketing assets that many of your competitors simply will not be able to take advantage of. Later events can easily be charged for or be built into the onboarding process of your first event. Helping you cover costs and build your personal brand enough that your events become a staple point event within your industry. 

Increasing customer loyalty

Building that tribe of loyal customers is key for any business. You can do this by giving your customers an experiential occasion. Many companies succesfully build customer engagement and loyalty through events, e.g. inviting 100 of your VIP customers to the launch of your new product line or service. Although it might not directly generate revenue, it will make your customers feel valued and increase the likely-hood that they will remain loyal customers in the future. Thinking long term is extremely important. 

Brand awareness

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With the rise of social media and the increasing variety of platforms your customers use to interact with each other, businesses need to produce high-quality content, consistently. How your company looks online (visually) is very important. If you are an SME, you want to constantly improve your company’s brand. Portraying yourself as credible while providing value for any prospects can easily be done through live events. Workshops, focus groups and even masterclasses are the perfect way of providing you with a platform to showcase your expertise to the world. Increasing your presence online through livestreams and IGTV for your events is a clever method of widening your reach. By running events like these it will certainly help your company brand and portray you as credible. Furthermore, if implemented successfully it could even turn into another stream of income if you develop a course or mastermind off of the back of it.

When most seek fear, you should find opportunity, why you need to NOW be preparing for once this virus is over.

With the current situation it is going to hit a lot of businesses across the UK. A lot of people may crumble in the face of adversity; however, some may just prevail. My name is Joe and I am the co-founder of an events management company based in Leeds. Our pipeline has dried up by more than 95% and things are looking bleak. In the first few days you may have felt lost, stressed, and overwhelmed. However, I took a step back and saw the opportunity that will come out of this horrendous situation. If you’re a business that wants to generate sales, increase brand awareness, succeed when a lot will fail then read on to find out more. 

The power of branding and marketing

As crazy as this may sound, now is the time to be focusing and improving your company image. Especially as we move into a digital world, more businesses will fail for not pivoting into the online arena. I see many local cafes, restaurants and gyms who should be a lot busier, they are simply not leveraging the digital world. Have you been putting off doing the following?

  • Improving a logo you had made on fiverrr when you first started
  • Launching tried and tested Facebook Ad strategies
  • Infographics which assist on content marketing for social media

We are doubling down on this and making sure we are churning out great and valuable content to our connections, followers etc. You should be doing the same. Now is the time to prepare for when your products or services are needed in abundance, that is what me and my team will be doing.

Take care and stay safe,

Joe Taylor
EJ events

This post was written by Joe Taylor for Breaking Free Design.

Joe is one half of the team at EJ Events, an award winning corporate/private events production and planning company based near Leeds, UK. They work with private individuals, SME’s all the way through to multi-nationals. No event is too big, small or wild. Check out Joe’s podcast “Diary of a young Entrepreneur” for more insightful content.

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