The best brands tell stories, here's ours

If you take a moment to think about your favourite brand, chances are that you picture a story associated with them. We help our clients bring their own stories out for their customers to connect with.

Who we are

In 2015 Breaking Free Design was cultivated in Huddersfield, with the idea that design can change how people think and feel about the world. The name itself "Breaking Free Design" was taken from the concept that design can actually help people to break free from their current situation, as was the case with director Kyle Wisniewski. After spending a few years in low paying jobs, he found that his love of stories, listening to people and creative output could not only help business owners but build one for himself. We have found being truly helpful to our clients to be the best marketing trick out there.

Photo of Kyle Wisniewski from Breaking Free Design

Kyle Wisniewski

As well as the day to day running of the business, Kyle is keenly obsessed with branding and web design, taking a hands on approach to clients projects.

Photo of Kelvin from Breaking Free Design

Kelvin Akposoe
Web & App Developer

Kelvin is on hand to make the complicated, simple! From bespoke websites that require a unique function, to Apple and Google ready apps, Kelvin can make it happen.

What we can do


We work with our clients to produce stunning brands they can be proud of and create action in their customers.


We create beautiful design that is not only visually beautiful, but conveys your true essence quickly.


We work with you to create a strategic plan of action across digital and print platforms to get your message heard.


We create beautiful, engaging, responsive, lead generating websites that create a positive impact on your business.


Print is far from dead, in a world where more and more is seen online, a well produced piece of print makes all the difference.


Show off your brands true value with high quality engaging videos that generate an action by your viewers.


We create photography libraries that help our clients brands stand out from the masses.


Design is only as good as the copy that surrounds it, we create enaging copy tailored to your specific audience.

Are you ready to Break Free!

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