Basic design fundamentals

Here we have some basic design fundamentals, whether you’re new in business and undertaking all design tasks yourself, or you’ve established yourself and have a team working on your design, it’s always a good idea to know what works best for your communications.

Design is Communication

Design should make your message easier to read and understand. People rarely feel excited to start reading endless pieces of text, design allows us to break text down into visually appealing blocks and focus the eye.

Good Design is Subjective

Each designer has their own style and there isn’t a universal truth when it comes to what is good or bad. There are however some basic fundamentals.


Text is everything, if you want to communicate a message then the flow of text is essential. Make your text stand out where it needs to! Make your headers at least twice the size of any body text. Colour Select your colours and stick with them; even if you get bored! Brand consistency is a must!


Give everything room to breathe, make sure there is always space from any edge around your images and content unless they are background images or add to your visual style, e.g. chopped text. This will focus the viewers’ eyes and make the task of reading much easier. 


Consistency doesn’t just relate to colours used, it also applies to your fonts, text sizes, layout styles and wording. If you have a relaxed tone, keep it that way throughout everything.

Drive Action

Remember, design isn’t art, it’s communication. Whenever you talk with your audience, drive them to an action. At the end of this post as with our others, we drive action to visit our website and book onto our conference seminars.

If you nail these simple points then your future design work will have all the right elements to make it a success. Don’t over think it, get your message out there.

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