Everything you need to know: Web design for tradesmen

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Are you a tradesperson who’s highly skilled at your particular craft, but you know you deserve more jobs on your books? Well, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’re looking specifically at web design for tradesmen and some of the key aspects that you need to consider when building your website or hiring…

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Is page speed important for SEO?

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If you want to rank well on Google there are a number of SEO principles and techniques that need to be addressed. From aspects such as keywords and page structure to backlinks and more, it can become a minefield of information and hard to know where to start. However, one aspect that is often overlooked…

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How do you advertise your new website launch?

So you’ve just launched a new website, but you aren’t sure how to get people to actually see it. As the old saying goes “built it and they will come” is no longer valid. These days if you only build it, you’ll hear nothing but crickets. So what do you actually need to do? Let’s…

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How to easily create a brand for your new business

Back in 2020, we gave a 60 useful minutes webinar for The Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce as a patron. This talk was all about how to create a brand for Yorkshire businesses. We’ve updated that talk slightly to share it here with you. Now be warned this article is actually over 8000 words and…

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What you need to know before getting a logo design

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If you’re thinking about getting a new logo designed, there are some simple but important things to know before you part ways with your money and pick the wrong designer. Below we’ve outlined some of our most important things to ask about when deciding on your designer, to make sure you get value for your…

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How to make your own Canva template

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Getting started Canva is like Marmite to many people, designers the world over love or hate it. But for businesses of all sizes, it’s a complete game-changer. Within this post, I’m going to go through the basics of setting up a Canva template specific to your business, which will save you countless hours. I’ll also…

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