7 top tips to market your venue this Christmas

Corporate office Christmas parties often get a bad name from staff that would rather have nothing to do with the workplace once they check out, however it has been shown that the workplace party acts as a morale booster for many staff members. In an increasingly solitary and isolated world, the Christmas office party acts as a way to let employees mingle in a less stressful environment and forms stronger bonds between them, which helps boost company culture. It’s also worth mentioning that those organising a party with you this year can offset their bill against their tax bill, which is always a useful selling point.

The Christmas season itself (December and January) often make up a large percentage of events and hospitality industries yearly revenue, as such it’s worth investing some time and effort into your promotional material to create a plan early this year. With more of your competitors able to advertise their venue as a viable option for your customers we have outlined below some key ways you can gain an upper hand in your festive sales this year.

  1. Photography – Make sure you capitalise on your venues space and show it off. If you truly believe your venue looks great and you’d be happy to have an event yourself there, then show it off, get a photographer in for your current Christmas parties for future use, or setup a faux shoot with limited spaces within your venue setup to feel like its Christmas. For instance a Christmas tree and some decorations in one section of your venue with a table setup they way they will be on the day. You will also want to make sure you have food images that show your chefs and venue, it all adds to the level of authenticity; in a world where stock photos are the norm for Christmas parties this is an easy way to show your audience what they see is what they get. A photographer doesn’t have to cost the world, but a camera phone shoot won’t cut it.

  2. Audience Benefit – Work out your audiences pain points, who are they, what matters to them and how can your venue help. I.e. for a business owner with multiple small divisions that don’t interact much apart from when there’s a problem you may sell the morale boost that comes with a great staff party. For a family it may be that they don’t get to share time together as often as they’d like and your venue will leave a lasting positive memory that fosters more frequent interactions. Target the person who will be booking with the right message, you can’t get everyone; but a targeted message will make your efforts much more fruitful, just don’t be cheesy! Be consistent with this message and inform you sales staff of your key benefits for anyone who gets in touch. If you currently get a lot of inquiries from the wrong type of customer you should review your messaging. “Perfect for parties from 10 to 300 guests”.

  3. Events overview – This can take the form of web pages, a downloadable PDF or printed brochure. You want to offer enough detail that potential customers feel their research questions have been answered to a high degree but leave enough in your call to action (CTA) to get in touch with you. Give them dates, menus, live act details and costs in a simple to understand format. 

  4. Offer content for an email – Though you want everyone to know the dates and details of your venue so potential customers can add you to their shortlist (often times your venue won’t be decided solely by the researcher), you want to be able to extract email and addresses and contact information from people viewing your content, here you can offer something of higher value for the price of contact details, e.g. an early bird code, or extended information about your parties.

  5. Make upgrades available – Research has shown that when given 3 options people generally like to go for the middle range, it has quality but won’t break the bank, however some clients will want to really splash out and you need to be able to show them how you can do this easily, upgrade-able drinks packages, an extra course, a live act or an alternative high end addition.

  6. Develop a monthly activity plan to inform your various platform messages. You need to document the various messages you will put out, when and by what means, e.g. social (organic and paid), email, web updates, third party endorsements etc, reminders of your benefits, with throwback images are a staple of early marketing material as well as specific adverts targeted to your key audience, if you want bigger bookings they will usually be organised by a PA so target them in your advertisements and by area. Working with a social media manager will get the best results on this.

  7. Be a person – In the modern age the personal touch can often be lost, create a set of gifts and take these out with your marketing material to your ideal customers in the local area, get details from the people you leave them with and follow up on these with a phone call within a week.

If you need help with your Christmas promotions such as flyer design, web design or a marketing strategy then get in touch today.

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