Crisis creates opportunity

With the current climate around Covid-19, businesses are shutting their doors and working from home where possible, this means thousands of people are unexpectedly at home and possibly without pay. However thousands of those people, maybe you included have amazing entrepreneurial ideas every day that they don’t act on because they are busy taking care of their every day lives. If you have a business idea you haven’t acted on then now is the perfect time to make that idea into a plan of action. If you are an established business who has been hit by this virus and you’re feeling the effects then now is the perfect time to update your online presence, make use of your social media and craft a website that really works for customers. Take the opportunity now to gather leads for future months, as this will all turn around and you will need to be ready to move as soon as it does.

  1. Create engaging social posts – everyone is online more than ever.
  2. Update your website to nurture leads for the future – this won’t last.
  3. Take the time to explore your untapped ideas – you won’t get this opportunity again.
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