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We live in the age of digital, if your marketing strategy doesn't have a heavy focus on digital then you're missing out on potential leads every day. If you'd like to discuss options with us then get in touch for a friendly talk with our staff.

Digital marketing encompasses many different services

Digital marketing is essentially marketing through digital means, of which there are many options and no one route is usually successful in isolation, we take various facets of digital marketing to comprise your plan. Some of the services this includes are:

SEO strategy

SEO is an immensely powerful tool to help you gain viewers long after you've performed the action. We believe SEO can be a game-changer in helping clients reach new audiences and attract the perfect client for them. A great SEO strategy involves both on-site and off-site optimisation, we will guide you through both.

Social strategy

Many business owners have the belief that their customers aren't on social media, but think about how many millions of active users each platform has. Many of which are CEOs, directors and managers. We help you get seen by your perfect customers, even when they aren't looking for it.


A powerful website and social media channels can help bring organic leads in abundance, however, with a lead generating advertising plan in place, you can make a huge return on any investment made. By tailoring your adverts to your customers' needs we can help you to cut waste and increase profits.


Our first step is always to explore the problems faced by your business. We learn all about your business objectives, what has been done previously, what works and what hasn't. We learn all about your users and your ideal customer.

This exploration is crucial to getting to the right solution for your business, we don't like to work in generic terms at Breaking Free Design.

Once we have all of this information in place we create a digital marketing proposal to show you, we'll talk through the proposal and discuss any issues before going ahead with creating your full marketing plan, creating the strategy and action points to measure your success against.

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Define the problem

Sometimes you get so busy selling your product or service, that you lose track of the problem you solve for your customers, hone in on the problem your customers truly face and define it clearly for each of your stakeholders.

Answer the call

Once you have defined your clients highest impact problems, decide how you will answer the call to fix it. Just because you offer a service that inherently fixes a problem, doesn't mean your customers see this.

Engage them

The world has become more distrusting of brands, while also becoming more social and trusting of personal recommendations. Define how you will engage with them on a personal level and tell them how you help.

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