Design tips to stop your audience from being exhausted

“Don’t exhaust your audience.” As humans our brains have evolved into massive energy-guzzling computers, they use up a vast number of calories just by thinking. Meaning every time we look around us, taking information in from the environment, we deplete our available resources. The more we have to think the more exhausted we will quickly become.

Studies show that we are currently bombarded by more information than ever before. “Through email, the internet, television and other media, people are deluged with around 100,500 words a day – equivalent to 23 words per second, researchers claim.” – Telegraph

What does this mean for you as a business?

Quite simply if you make your audience work hard to understand your message they will shut down and want to move on rather quickly. Our brains are now setup daily to dismiss information that we asses will not benefit us by the end, or requires too much effort on our part to complete.

  1. Give an expectation of reward as early as possible.
  2. Lower the expectation of effort required.

To help with this we recommend the following piece of design advice when creating your messages.

  • Use short snappy headlines
  • Make use of multiple headers to break content up
  • Make your audiences pain points front and center
  • Spread information into easy to digest chunks
  • Stick to your brand styles consistently
  • Talk about individual problems per section
  • Create contact methods for further reading

For further reading on this topic we recommend “Is the juice worth the squeeze
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