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Are you a tradesperson who’s highly skilled at your particular craft, but you know you deserve more jobs on your books? Well, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’re looking specifically at web design for tradesmen and some of the key aspects that you need to consider when building your website or hiring a professional web designer (as a professional tradesperson you know the value of hiring a skilled professional to carry out work I’m sure). If you’re ready to get a web design quote then get in touch with us today, or read on for more DIY web design tips for Tradesmen.

Side note: Our banner below was made using Canva, an excellent toil for your blog and social posts.

Web Design Banner for Tradesmen

Things to consider

Your location

Your target location is highly important for your particular business. As it’s most likely you’ll have to talk to customers on location to carry out your work, it’s vital to attract customers from as close to your area as possible. One key way to gain local customers without web design in place is to leverage Google Business for local search results.

If we look at “Plumbers Huddersfield”, we first get served with a few adverts which offer a great return on investment (ROI) but require payment for every click you receive. Underneath this, we next get local results for accounts with Google Business set up.

Image of Plumbers in Huddersfield local search results

The first thing to notice about these results is that the top three results all have excellent reviews and a large number of them, you can get reviews directly from your customers by simply sending them the link and asking them to review your business.

Secondly, they are optimised to show their trade as a service, as well as the location request. Lastly, each of the top results has an associated website with their listing. This is important as a large number of viewers opt to visit your website to find out more about you before ringing for a quote. If you only utilise the free listing and a phone number you are likely to miss out on those who want to research the background of a business before engaging.

Give your potential customers reasons to pick you!

Buying a domain name

Web design can’t start without a domain name. Depending on your choice of the design software you opt for you may decide to use them to purchase your domain. For instance, if you buy a Wix package you may find it easier to buy directly from them, or if you go for WordPress you can purchase a domain from a supplier such as GoDaddy.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a domain for tradesmen. Firstly we suggest keeping the overall length quite short, ideally 2-3 words and no more than 20 characters. The shorter a name is the easier it is to remember, but critically it also becomes problematic to have an overly long domain in many printed situations. Imagine fitting a long domain name into small spaces like business cards or taking up a large space on banners meaning your overall text has to be very small. For instance on a 10ft banner what will be easier to read, YourNamePlusYourLocation.com or simply YourName.com?

A lot of tradespeople go for domains that have their location and business type, as seen in our image below. This can be great for being found for these terms easily, but they don’t do anything for your overall brand recognition in the future, your web design could be replaced by a competitor and no one would likely know the difference. Where possible we prefer to opt for a business name and utilise SEO principles to enhance your ability to be found on Google.

No matter your choice, we recommend buying your own domain rather than letting your web designer buy it for you. This simply gives you 100% control over the future of your website no matter what may happen. We’ve known web designers stop trading which has left tradesmen needing to rectify this which can cause a huge pain.

Image of domain options for tradesmen

Buying hosting services

Once you have your domain, the next step in getting your tradesmen website design up and running is to purchase hosting. We’ve tried a fair few options and by far the easiest, most reliable and jam-packed with features has been SiteGround’s hosting options, especially if you opt for a WordPress web design. There are certainly cheaper options available, but we think reliability and speed are much more important than the few extra pounds you’ll spend.

For one website the StartUp option is more than enough but you can save overall if you’ve got multiple websites with the GrowBig option.

Image of SiteGround Hosting

If you’re approaching a web designer in Huddersfield for your overall design, then you might want to have your hosting and monthly maintenance needs taken care of for you. If you purchased your own domain, an agency such as ours is able to point that to our own hosting services so you don’t have to worry about any of the technical setup jargon. However, the great point about SiteGround is that they allow users to add collaborators such as web designers, meaning we can actually work on your hosting account without needing your admin account passwords.


If you’re building your own web design we’d recommend WordPress currently compared to other website builders. It gives you much more flexibility and it’s feature-rich without all of the hidden costs that come with others. A real benefit of WordPress comes from the fact that if you build your own website, but later decide to upgrade it using a professional web designer in Huddersfield, they are able to simply use your current framework to replace or modify your design. Rather than having to move host and change builders that you’re used to.

From inexpensive themes available on ThemeForest to WordPress’ own theme directory there are countless themes available. This means you can pick something almost ready to go live and make some adjustments to make it your own. However, be aware that pre-made themes often come with an excessive amount of filler and sample pages.

Image of Web design for Tradesmen WordPress Theme

When using a web designer such as ourselves, we will always create your design from scratch, suited to your specific needs and audience. When choosing a designer for your trade business, make sure that they fully understand your audiences specific needs and are able to tailor a design to speak to your overall brand identity. A big part of your design will come from the User Experience and SEO techniques used. From the moment a potential customer lands on your site, they need to be shown exactly why your business is right for them and how to take action.

Special features

When it comes to helping users become customers, special features such as booking systems can do wonders. If you can remove steps for users you speed up the process for them becoming customers. For instance, if you’re able to offer a call back system for out of hours requests, you give users a more optimal experience for getting through to someone at the time they need. This can be especially useful if you’re a one-person band and can’t always answer the phone. Booking systems are also great if you offer clear and transparent prices for certain services, which enable you to allow booking for services directly through your website. Booking systems can be as simple as our own; allowing users to book a discovery call at a time that suits us both best.

Breaking Free Design Booking system

SEO considerations

When it comes to your website design reaching the best number of people for your industry, there are many aspects that go into this; called Search Engine Optimisation. Once you have your design in place, you need to make sure that your website is technically optimised for factors such as page loading speed (we have an article on the importance of page speed for SEO), headers and title tags are set as well meta descriptions. If you are using WordPress we suggest installing Yoast, as it will let you know many of these aspects on each page. We optimise each page while designing clients websites. However, we also utilise techniques that mean your pages will be optimised when you add them in the future.

Image of Yoasts SEO plugin

A second important factor for ranking on Google for your business is the use of Keywords. This is simply (yes a big oversimplification), the act of adding the relevant words to your content to appeal to users search intent. For instance, the search term “electricians Newcastle” has approximately 720 searches every month. If you can appear in the top 3 results for a search term like this, you can massively increase you’re overall monthly visitors. If your website is designed well for users could create a large number of extra leads.

The great thing about keywords is that you can appear for multiple search terms in one article. Things to remember are to make sure your content reads well first. Then that it has your Keyword or phrase in locations such as your URL slug and in your title. For instance, “Web design for tradesmen” in our title and “everything-you-need-to-know-web-design-for-tradesmen” in our URL.

Image of search results

A great place to find relevant keywords for your business; is simply to look at the suggestions Google offers you for a search term. At the bottom of every results page, Google will show you other relevant terms that users are looking for.

Image of search result suggestions

Are you a tradesman in need of web design

If you’re interested in gaining new customers, get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you through web design in Huddersfield.

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