How do you advertise your new website launch?

So you’ve just launched a new website, but you aren’t sure how to get people to actually see it. As the old saying goes “built it and they will come” is no longer valid. These days if you only build it, you’ll hear nothing but crickets. So what do you actually need to do? Let’s assume you’re website is technically fantastic, it runs fast, it has great content and it’s geared towards the keywords your audience are searching for. With all of that in place, a new website is still going to struggle to be seen without some proactive work.

Here are our top 3 tips to get seen once you’ve launched.

  1. Advertise digitally
    With Google taking as long as a year to really care about your website organically you can’t just rely on your website to bring people in on it’s own. By setting up Google, Facebook and LinkedIn adverts you can create a pipeline directly to your site while you rise in the organic listings. Assuming you have great UX within your website, targetted advertising can hugely impact your ROI, many clients report £5 back for every £1 they spend. Just remember, advertising only works if the page they land on is optimised for a great user experience.
  2. Get social
    Social media is a great place to start being known by people who had no idea they were looking for your business. Whether you offer B2B or B2C there are platforms for you. The key to success through social media is to be interesting. Where adverts are set to entice people who were looking for you or have an interest in your products, social media is a space people go to be social. Be interactive with other accounts, build up rapport and create engaging content. Always remember to gear your posts towards what it is you sell, if you’re a photographer, show off your skills and tell people about your website and the packages you offer. If you’re a personal trainer, give away helpful tips relating to fitness, while showing that you are available for hire. It’s important on social media to give away more than you try to sell.
  3. Invest in PR
    PR is an age old technique for businesses trying to reach new audiences and it’s survived the test of time simply because it works. If you want to be seen by a large number of new people, PR can do that. Simply reach out to news platforms or related niche websites and offer them an interesting story. Did you get a brand new idea during lockdown, did you overcome adversity, does your website do something others don’t? Whatever it is, get some professional photos together and get your story out there. An added benefit of many news sources is that you can gain a high quality backlink in the process. For instance joining the Chamber of Commerce affords you a story within their publications and the backlink from them shows to Google as a high authority website.

If you built your own website or you aren’t sure about the user journey, it may be worth getting an external designer to have a check and offer critique. Many smaller agencies will do this for free at a basic level. I.e. we are happy to give an overall analysis of a website to help users understand where their money is best spent, whether on SEO, UX or design. Just jump over to our contact page to start a conversation.

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