Design & marketing for new business?

We know what it's like to start up a business with nothing but ambition and a dream, but it's essential to get your idea looking and sounding right from the get-go. In this day and age, customers expect every new product to feel as branded and sleek as if it came from a big corporation. Now with access to self-design and online digital marketing through the internet, you have no excuses, however, if you need professional assistance then we have you covered.

What can we offer the sole trader?

The marketplace is full of sole traders all vying for territory both locally and online; so what sets you apart? If you aim to be the cheapest then you're likely going to meet great problems, we suggest you focus on one area of your service that can't be matched so easily by a competitor.


Sole traders often leave their logo and branding to a family member and don't believe it holds much power for them, then they place adverts right next to others who have no branding in place and rely on luck to get picked. Think of branding as your chance to reach higher paying customers who care more about the service than the cheapest offer.


As a sole trader you're likely looking for cost effective but impactful marketing solutions, we offer both print and digital marketing tools to help you reach your audience. From social media to print based advertising and PR, you need an all round effective marketing funnel and we're here to help.

Web design

In 2022 you can easily make your own website with a free website builder. If this is all you have the budget for then we say go for it, however it's important to have a website that shows off the right content and steers your customers to take an action, we build sites that engage your ideal users and speak directly to them.

Do you need help starting up?

If your starting a sole trader business or have been established but know you deserve a bigger market share, talk to us today to see how we can help you to stand out.

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