Is a logo important?

Nearly every business in the world has some form of a logo, whether it’s professionally made or not, there is a form of visual identity or mark attached to the business. But are they important and do you need to spend money on them if you’re just getting started?

What is a logo?

If we’re going to talk about the importance of a logo, we need to first get an idea of what a logo is. In its most basic form, a logo design is simply a visual representation of your business. A way for us to remember you when you aren’t in the room, I like to think of the logo design much like a persons face. Your face doesn’t really tell me anything about who you are, what you do, how reliable you are or how skilled you are. But it gives me a way to remember you when you aren’t in the room, where I can attribute those qualities and traits found through interaction and experience to you.
If your logo is the first impression someone will have to make a judgement about your business, what would you want it to say? Much like your face, the expressions shown within it can give your audience the best or worst impression.

What makes a great logo?

Great logos come in different styles, shapes, sizes and colours. There is no one type that makes a great logo, but there are some aspects that should be kept in mind.

Simple – The best logos from around the world all have something in common; they’re simple. If you think about your favourite brand, its likely that their logo is quite simple. This makes it easy to use across any medium such as on clothing and business cards, to massive banners and social media posts. A simple logo can be seen at any size and not lose its identity. A simple logo can also be remembered much easier. When business owners opt for a new logo they often want it to describe every aspect of their business. A plumber wants their logo to show off a workman with all his tools working on every type of job he can fix. They also want it to show text that describes these aspects, but all of these convoluted aspects make it harder to remember the logo, which is its main function. If you want a poor logo design, add complexity to it.

Timeless – A logo is meant to stay with you for years, while your individual marketing campaigns may change your logo will stay the same (unless you picked an awful logo to begin with and it is in dire need of a redesign). If you look at big names such as Nike or Apple, they have brand new ways of showing off their business over the decades, but the logo never changes. Don’t pick a logo that is rooted in time-sensitive trends, it will only bite you in the butt later.

Versatile – If you think about the Disney logo you may have an idea in your mind of what the logo looks like, but in reality, there are multiple versions that are space dependant. They have their full logo, castle and all, then they have broken down versions that include less detail, the first being just the full word, “Walt Disney”, then for smaller spaces they have “Disney” and finally as an icon, they have the “D” alone. All versions are the Disney logo, they are just optimised for different environments. A great logo should take the same considerations with its iterations. If your logo has only one version which can’t be shrunk down very easily, you have an unoptimised logo.

An image of different logos at different sizes.

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Appropriate – People often get stuck following industry trends, but this can lead you to have a very boring logo. It’s important to look like you fit within a specific space or sector, but you never want to blend in. While trying to stand out and be unique it’s important to factor in inappropriateness. If your business is serious, you shouldn’t opt for a style of logo that feels childish, e.g. a hand-drawn font for a medical practice is likely the wrong approach, in the same way, a skull wouldn’t suit a funeral director (it’s just a little too on the nose). A great logo is highly suited to its overall environment, but it shouldn’t follow trends.

But why is a logo important?

So now we know what makes up a logo, what actually makes them important?
No matter the size of your business we believe a logo is important.
As we said a logo is like your face, it helps to unify memories of your overall brand and house them within this one little icon. Our attention spans are severely lacking these days and we need something easy for us to remember things by, a logo serves that function. Every business wants to be remembered for their adverts and marketing, without a standout logo it’s easy for your marketing to actually be remembered as your competitor if that’s who they actually know. As it takes multiple interactions with a brand before a purchase is made, you definitely want to be remembered at each interaction.
Aside from being easier to remember, it’s also expected. Your customers expect businesses they deal with to have some form of logo design. It adds to your overall professionalism and helps you stand out from the hobbyist. If you are a professional rather than a hobbyist a logo will help cement this for your audience. We often see Instagram businesses who have started using a random photo within their profile pictures, but this helps give the impression that this business is actually by an amateur and your customers will expect this translates to cheaper prices. If you want to charge a premium for your services, housing your business within a brand and logo will help you to do this and the customers will expect it. Think about the places you don’t see a brand logo, do you take them as seriously as those who do?

Can you make your own logo?

With all this in mind, you’re likely thinking, “Does this mean I have to pay for a premium logo?”
The answer depends on your own level of design ability. We have seen many people create their own logos using design software or online logo makers, some of them do a great job. The business owners were very talented across the board. However, the overwhelming majority do often get more than one aspect wrong, creating a less than ideal impression for their business. From the wrong font or colour choice to hard to read or trend and time-dependent, it’s easy to get them wrong. Aside from this, a logo should tie all aspects of your brand together to help create a theme and give you something consistent. If you aren’t sure if you’re current logo fits the job, why not talk to us for our opinion. We don’t believe in wasting money but we do love to critique and give honest feedback. We don’t believe in wasting money, If your logo is great we will let you know and tell you where your money can be better spent, such as SEO services or marketing campaigns. Don’t ever just get the opinion of one designer.

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