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Your logo is often the most memorable part of your company, when customers think about you, your brand, your services and products, they picture your logo. We work with businesses of all sizes to create beautiful and recognisable logos. If you need to talk to someone about your logo design then get in touch today for a friendly talk with our staff.

Why a logo matters

Graphic design is often seen as a luxury in business, however truly great businesses know the value of well designed marketing collateral, from your free downloadable PDF self help guide, to printed brochures and business store front. Graphic design makes the difference to how professionally you will be perceived.

When we create a logo we keep 4 main principles in mind to make sure of your success when taking it to market, these are:

  1. Simple
    A logo is meant to define, not describe. The most successful logos on the planet do not have many elements to them, and they are able to be reduced to just a few centimeters without losing any visual appeal. We keep your logo simple and use marketing campaigns to show off how great you are.
  2. Timeless
    We make sure that your logo doesn't need to be changed every few years to follow the latest trend, we do this by using classic design principles that stand the test of time and don't fall into time specific fads.
  3. Versatile
    Your logo needs to be used across various mediums and at different sizes, we work to create logos that work as a Facebook profile photo as well as on a 20ft banner.
  4. Appropriate
    A logo doesn't necessarily have to convey the industry you work in, however it has to be appropriate, if you are a law firm, a marker pen style logo is probably not appropriate, we create logos that fit the industry they represent.

If your current logo isn't giving your potential customers the right impression, or you need a logo for a startup, get in touch with us to start the process.

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Your logo is important, do you need a refresh?

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