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Marketing can come in many forms and no one size fits all technique will be perfect for you. We work with your business to create a plan of action to take your marketing to the next level, increasing your sales and giving your brand the right impression, every time.

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Marketing is understanding your customers

No matter what new technology appears, marketing remains essentially the same. It is the psychology behind our every day decisions, from which can of beans we choose to how long we will look at an advert before becoming annoyed. Over time the way we market changes but the end goal remains the same, and the psychology of customers is at the heart of the process. Your marketing strategy should be based on your customers pain points and the benefits your product/service can bring to their lives and business. Traditional and digital marketing have important roles to play in any business and can be the making or the downfall of a company.

When choosing Breaking Free Design as your marketing partner, we will work with you to define where your business needs to be performing more optimally, create a plan around those objectives and create more money for your business.

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Exploring the problem

As with our branding exercises, the first step with marketing is to identify the problems faced by your company, in this exploration session we learn about your business overall, your objectives, what you've done previously, what's worked for you and what hasn't from your perspective, your perfect customer and more.

This understanding between both of us is crucial to getting things right for you.

Once we have this information we make sure everyone understands the goals clearly. We then create a marketing proposal and discuss this with you to iron out any issues before commencing with the full marketing plan, creating a strategy and actionable points to measure against.

Image of meeting
Image of meeting

The plan itself

Once we have the plan in place, you are able to use this internally to create and action all of the requirements necessary for success, or we are able to move forward with you to help deliver each phase and measure the results.

Marketing is an ongoing process that needs to be reviewed and transformed with new data, we work with you to develop your plan not just as a one off but over time.

We have outlined some examples below of typical marketing tools and strategies employed for success.

Content strategy

In 2022 there is more content to read than ever before and its only growing. In order to be seen you need the right messages being seen in the right places, by the right people. We work with you to create a content strategy for the long term.

Content writing

Content is king when it comes to marketing, great copy can be the difference between an enthusiastic new lead, or never hearing the phone ring. We work with you to create content that makes people read.


Brands have changed how they communicate with their audiences in recent years. Your message can't just simply sell, it has to be engaging and social media is a great platform to get this across. We help clients boost their social platforms.


In order to be seen, search engines need to know you exist, we work to boost your search engine ranking so your customers can find you, at the moment they need to. We employ a range of techniques to get the best results for your business.


You may have heard that print is dead. This is a lie, with more and more businesses leaving print to the sidelines it has created an opportunity for truly great print to stand out and make an impression. We design for print as well as the web to get you seen and trusted.


In the new digital age, video is becoming ever more important as a communication tool. We work with you to create engaging videos that help you stand out from the crowd, and answer your customers most important questions.

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