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During this turbulent time we’ve taken our own advice and updated our website, but why have we done this?

  1. Our old website was no longer fitting with our new brand. Everything has to tie together so we needed to update our black and white feel to our new blue and yellow including our brand assets and fonts.
  2. Our old website didn’t reflect our current state, it was much more focused on general design and print, however we have focused in much more on branding and website design so the overall user journey needed to be updated.
  3. We had a lack of call to actions within our site, we’ve updated the site to make sure every page and aspect of the site leads the user to make an action, whether it’s to sign up to our newsletter, join our social media or get in touch with us, each user is now much more guided to an action.
  4. We only had 8 pages within our old sites overall structure, this is fine, however to reach search engines in as many ways as possible, we have now fleshed out all of our services and maximised our capacity to be seen and also content we can share. We now have over 60 pages at this moment.
  5. We weren’t showing our customer work, we’ve updated our process to make showing off client work much easier to update and show off, if you want to get work within a certain sphere it’s important to show it off.

If you’re interested in seeing the change then our old website style is here. We’d love any feedback you have as critique is always great for improvement.

Old breaking free design website
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