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126 Financial UK came to us wanting to develop a new brand for their financial advice business, they were setting up from scratch but had many years of experience behind them. They had an overall idea for the name, based on their address they wanted the business to specifically appeal to a younger, affluent audience who were based in Wakefield. As such the design had to be striking both online and in printed signage. After feedback we were able to come up with the below stylescape which explored a brand style for them including colours, fonts and brand assets such as illustration and tone of voice. The client was very happy with this direction which ultimately informed the logo and overall design.

Brand exploration for 126 Financial UK
Logo designs for 126 Financial UK

The logo

Once we had the overall brand style for 126financial.uk it was time to create a logo that fit. We knew that 1 to 6 was going to be a big feature of all material and tied everything together under one brand, so we decided to use the simple hexagon shape as the main logo feature. Instead of trying to over complicate the new brand this simple design allows the company name to stand out, while being reinforced in general marketing material. Because it is so simple it can be used with ease whether the logo is required on a building sign, social media page, website or more.

A brand new website

As a new company 126financial.uk were in need of a website that would be ready to go as soon as they were finished. We followed our usual steps outlined on our website development page.

Exploration / User experience / Design / Build

During the user experience stage we mapped out what pages would be essential to a potential client, what would be required from each page, how the pages would all interact with each other and finally what CTA's (call to action) would be required on each page, whether this is to fill in a form or be urged to contact the team for more information on a service.

Pulling it all together

Just like any well deployed brand, every aspect must work in harmony and compliment the rest of the business. As such here are some further examples of how this brand came to look in further marketing material such as adverts, business cards and corporate material.

Image of branded material for 126 Financial UK
Image of website for 126 Financial UK
Image of advert for 126 Financial UK
Image of business cards for 126 Financial UK
Image of mobile view website for 126 Financial UK
Image of advert for 126 Financial UK

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