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The business

Ananna is a Manchester-based charity that is devoted to helping women within the greater Manchester area to break free from a range of problems and factors that may be holding them back, by offering guidance, workshops and activities for a range of ages. They predominantly help women of south Asian heritage (however they are not exclusive to this group) and so they wanted their branding to represent them much more accurately.

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Ananna old logo

Logo redesign

The first aspect of the project was to recreate the logo. The charity had been using a logo design drawn by a member for some time, although the logo itself wasn't bad, it captured some of their audience and felt friendly, it didn't appeal to their corporate ambitions in regards to securing funds for their future. We decided a much more minimal logo design was required going into the future, which would be backed up by brand assets that help to explain the business rather than try to do it all through the logo.

Brand style

While redesigning the logo we also created a brand style to follow through all material, unifying everything visually and in terms of tone voice. The title "For women, led by women" was a key statement that needed to be represented as the charities tag line consistently and play on this visually through all marketing material and collateral. To do this we used illustrations of women from a range of backgrounds, ages, ethnicities and capabilities to get across to viewers that the group was for them, by them and they could feel comfortable no matter their identity. The use of illustration also meant we did not have to intrude on the personal space of service users to try gain photography of them using the service, but where appropriate and with consent, photography can still be incorporated into marketing material.

Roller bacnner for Annana

Digital presence

As well as the overall brand design and print material required, the brief also included revamping the social media presence of the charity and creating a brand new website design. Ananna had not had a website presence in some time and they were keen to reach out to potential service users in the way that suits them, including digitally going forward. We set up a UX session and decided on all key aspects of the website, then simplified the process of users getting the information they need as quickly and efficiently as possible. The website included new illustrations for each page to fully represent the content, a bonus of illustration was that each page did not need photography and could reuse elements put together in a new way to stay fresh and on topic.

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