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Why rebrand?

Businesses change over time, they refine their message, their ideal customer and what services they offer. Breaking Free Design is no different in this regard, their are 3 important factors involved in our own rebrand. Firstly we have refined the type of business we do, in the beginning we started out as a general design company that took its hand to any and all needs, from flyers and brochures, to signage and the odd logo. We now focus on branding and marketing strategies with an holistic view of the business to increase sales, yes we still do one off designs jobs, but it is not our focus. Secondly, over time we have discovered our ideal customer type, we want to work with businesses of various sizes, but we don't just take a job because its a job. We recognise the types of businesses we want to work with, which are forward thinking, business goal orientated and open to creative input. Thirdly our overall message is now much more focused on positive affirmations, we want clients to feel great about their business and the work we do with them, this helped us when changing colours and fonts as the old brand was dark and rigid, which we still love, but with a friendly and inspiring brand we knew we needed a change.

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Development for Breaking Free Design
Sketch of Logo refinement for Breaking Free Design
Text choice for brand
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Logo idea

The logo design is extremely simple, which is how a great logo should be. but it holds several themes for us. First of all it still uses the B from our old logo, however it has been chopped and changed, breaking free from its old form to create something new, something more than just a B.

The logo also represents new opportunity in business by breaking free of traditional thought, not being anchored to the ground a bird has endless opportunity in front of it. Like generations before who have gone out into the unknown world with a dream and plan, we aim to keep this in mind every time we do business.

Are you thinking about rebranding?

Rebranding is a big decision and shouldn't be taken lightly, if you're thinking about rebranding your business then get in touch with us today to discuss the process. Whether you're based in Huddersfield or further afield we can work with your business to create a new logo design and overall brand identity to suit your business.

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