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The project

Wedding Fayres Yorkshire in Huddersfield are a top contender in the wedding fayre industry within the UK, however, they saw a gap in the business networking and trade show arena. Taking all of their experience and lessons from their current business they wanted a brand that set their new business apart, focused on Yorkshire, but to be able to embody much more than that; while also looking and feeling modern. One of the ideas generated during discussions was that most networking companies have a very dated feel to them; not appealing to new up and coming businesses who are used to beautiful sleek design as a standard for business.

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Sketches for Business Shows Yorkshire
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Every business needs a beautiful collection of marketing material behind them, the Business Shows Yorkshire in Huddersfield is no different. We put together a range of material to show how the brand will live in the real world. Designing cups, banners, flyers and corporate document styles as part of the process. As a new business; brand consistency is a key area to recognition and gaining trust over time, we put together a style that has the flexibility to look different depending on the material and arena but also has a set of core styles that can be adhered to. Colours, font choices and logo design variations all come together to make this possible.

Image of folder for BSY showing the outter cover
Second image of folder for BSY showing the inside with letterheaded paper
Third image of folder for BSY showing the inside with letterheaded paper
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Common requirements

All business types require great branding, but we often think of this as just the logo. Here are some common marketing requirements we fulfil for our clients when branding their business.

Business cards

In a digital world it is still valuable from a perception point of view to have professional well designed business cards.


If you aren't seen by passers by then you're missing out on a great branding experience, catch those who like to try out new things with a great sign.


Print is a far from dead, a beautiful to the touch flyer still has a great impact, especially when given in person.


In the modern age people will search for your business as soon as they hear about you. If you don't have a great website design you may lose them forever.

Be better

It's a well-known fact that businesses do better when they look and sound great. If you'd like an obligation free consultation regarding your current design and marketing, we'd be happy to discuss this with you.

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