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The final end of year splash out

Christmas is a big part of the sales calendar for events and hospitality industries, firms splash out over £1 billion in the UK alone on office parties for their employees, so it's important to be in front of your customers with the right message in a variety of formats. We design Christmas marketing material for a number of restaurants, stadiums and venues around the UK and we've learnt a lot from each one. Take a look at some of our past work in this area.

Illustration of Christmas Party
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It's not too early

Many businesses in the events and hospitality industry wait too long to start marketing their Christmas parties. As soon as your parties have finished for the current year, you should be ready with material to promote for the next year. A limited version of your brochure that includes dates, contact information and a menu should be ready to send out to all of your guests this year.

You may not have your acts solidified but these can be added later and expanded upon, getting digital formats of your dates is essential to stay in the minds of your past event guests, they have more options than you'd like so make sure to stay in their mind. If you want to take hold of your Chrisrmas marketing we've written a helpful guide with our 7 top tips for venues marketing Christmas in 2024.


There are a few essential materials to promote your events successfully each year. You need to keep awareness high that you offer the best Christmas Party experience for a company to book for their staff, as these are still the highest bookers for larger venues. Many local companies will book from 20 to 300 staff members for a local party, many also like to book as early as December the year before!


The best way to show how great your events are is to have real photos taken from events you hold.


Digital PDFs and printed brochures make sure you can target customers online and in-person.


Create dedicated landing pages for your events that stand out and create leads.


Set a calendar of posts to go out across the year; which will send people to your landing page


Collect data from past clients to send reminder emails to that direct them to your website


Printed banners to show around your local area are still a great way to raise awareness


Greeting cards had a hand written touch sent to past customers can make a big impression


The type of gift can vary depending on your venue type but promotional gifts are a must have


We've worked with various clients on their marketing material including The John Smith's Stadium, Everton FC, The National Coal Mining Museum, The Dubrovnik Hotel, Belfast National Stadium, Headingley Emerald Stadium and Mellor Country House. Each has a different clientele but we have been able to create design and marketing material to suit each audience.

The John Smith's Stadium came to us in 2016 to work on their marketing material, they were more than happy with their Christmas party sales in both 2016 and 2017, as 2016 saw a 66% increase on 2015 sales, while 2017 saw a 91% increase on 2015.

John Smith's Stadium 2016 sales increase
John Smith's Stadium 2017 sales increase

Time left

The first Friday in the Christmas party season will be here before you know it, are you promoting your parties enough? Will you make your yearly targets for 2024? Take the time to get your material and promotions organised today of get in touch with us to have a chat about what we can do for you.


Do you need Christmas sales?

If you operate a venue, catering or are in the events industry; you know Christmas sales are crucial to your yearly goals. If you need assistance then get in touch today.

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