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A complete refresh

Flex-Telecom are a complete communications systems provider, from broadband solutions and phone systems to complete unified communications, Flex-Telecom are able to take complete control of business operations to make life easier and more productive.

We were tasked with updating the company website to reflect their current services, to help improve their visual style and bring it into the modern age. Hover the images to see a full page view.

Same brand

As part of the website redevelopment we had to keep to existing brand styles of previous marketing material created. However we were able to tighten up the consistency of the brand styles, where previous designers had mixed in additional non house style fonts and graphics, we took things back to basics; using the same fonts throughout the site for much more consistency, while aligning all photos and icons to the overall brand style.

Overall there is much more harmony amongst all elements, this also means that new marketing material has a stronger base to follow from going forward and allows the audience to identify with marketing messages much easier.

Image of Flex-Telecom website on laptop
Image of Flex-Telecom welbite on laptop

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