The Project

Breaking Free Design was tasked with creating a set a visual recording of a meeting conducted for Gift-Surg. On the day our artist listened to the discussions taking place and visually recorded these using an iPad which was connected to the screen, this meant that as the meeting was going ahead everyone could see what was going on, adding an extra dimension to the meeting. Afterwards, the illustrations were used to create a printed poster for key members of the team and a thank you card for delegates that attended the meeting. A set of social media squares were also created from the main artwork. Feedback received from the event was amazingly positive and we look forward to creating more of these types of visual minutes.

Illustration of visual minutes being conducted at a conference

The perfect solution

Visual minutes are a fun and interactive method of capturing the essence of your event, we use meeting records to create meaning for everyone involved, not just as checklist task that no one cares about. Visual representations are perfect for a number of event types including:


Training events




Long pieces of text can be hard for a large percentage of the population to read, meaning less is taken in and understood, a visual record of your event has several key benefits.

Easy to read

Participant involvement

Post event memories

Social media engagement

Do you need a visual record?

If you have an important meeting or conference coming up, why not discuss with us the possibility of recording these meetings in a highly engaging format, this can be printed or shared online to add extra interest to your project, long after the day is over. Visual minutes can add a highly professional and engaging medium for your business.

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