Huddersfield Carnival 2020

The future

The Carnival is a big part of Huddersfield, both culturally and as a big event that draws revenue to local businesses, from filling hotels to shop and food sales around the town, the influx is great for the local area. Unfortunately 2019 had not secured enough funding to allow this to go ahead, a new Carnival Management Committee was established with the aim of securing funding to bring the Carnival back to Huddersfield in 2020. Breaking Free Design were tasked with creating consistent visuals for documents and promotional material to give a professional feel to every interaction any stakeholder may have with the group. From attendees who want to discuss the future, to businesses who need to see how their money is being spent in sponsorship packs. We are very proud to be part of this group and look forward to the future.


To start with we created a refreshed logo design, this wasn't a complete rebrand, but more a case of taking the current logo and making it more user friendly across any platform, e.g. printed on T-shirts or as a logo on a sponsorship pack or website. The colours were reduced and made more distinctive, showing off the diversity and joy of the Carnival day itself in the logo. One aspect of Carnival that often occurs could be described as a paint party, paint and powder of all colours is thrown in an explosion of celebration. We took this aspect to integrate into the overall branding, mixing this with a hand-painted feeling font to really emphasise the hands-on fun that comes with Carnival, whilst giving a nod to its traditional and cultural roots. Some other aspects we have created can be seen below.


We created flyers to promote individual fundraising events.

Business cards

Business cards were created to easily pass details to potential sponsors and stakeholders.

web design

A new website was created separately from the parent organisation to give users a focused experience.


Tshirts were created so that at any event, the message can be heard.


As part of fundraising efforts, banners were created for networking events such as the "Black Business Expo".


Consistent social media messaging was required, we set up brand guidelines to help the team stay true to the brand.

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