Logo design for New Phaze Heating

A rebrand

New Phaze heating services are a Huddersfield based plumbing and heating business. They have been operating for a number of years with a steady income of clients based on great referrals. However they wanted to take their brand to a new and exciting level, the list of services offered is quite extensive, ranging from plumbing to any form of heating maintenance and they wanted this all to be represented under the new banner.

Illustration of a business meeting

What we did

The overall project required getting to know the business, who their clients were currently, who they wanted to attract and how they wanted people to feel when they interacted with them.  We found that they had two main customers currently, everyday Joe who found them from referrals and also from working closely with third parties. We suggested a corporate look that showed the small team off as highly trustworthy for both the person who wants to fix his boiler, to the insurance company who wants a reliable partner to carry out their work. An emphasis on white backgrounds was used for a minimal clean look, with warm and cool tones to represent both aspects of the business. We came up with a variety of applications that would best serve their needs. These included an advert, business cards, van signage, clothing, invoices and of course, the new logo.


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