Logo for Nutricise

The Project

Nutricise are a new company with decades of experience in personal training between the two owners. They wanted to setup a body transformation based business that broke the mold. Instead of just taking on clients for years at a time, they aim to teach clients all about nutrition and exercise in an intensive 6 week course. Much like a driving instructor aims to teach you enough to pass your test, they aim to teach you everything you need to sustain your changes over the rest of your life.

Illustration of a business meeting
Image of Nutricise Stylescape

The idea

We believe in the simplicity of messaging. No one has time to focus in and decipher what you mean, the logo design the client opted for was minimal square with a cut-out corner, the idea was taken from the notion that customers of Nutricise are looking to shed weight, and lose at least a small percentage of their body weight to start with. This dramatic cut shows that message. The text also starts with thick lines and finishes with thin lines to reinforce this message.

Image of Nutricise Banner
Image of Nutricise cap
Image of Nutricise tshirt
Image of Nutricise flyer
Image of Nutricise cup
Image of Nutricise poster

Do you need more clients?

If you're a personal trainer or own a gym, you know how fierce competition is for each and every client.. If you feel like your brand should represent you in a better light, or your website isn't pulling people in to convert them into paying members, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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