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The Project

Vocal are a not-for-profit, NHS organisation working to make health research fair, relevant and accessible for all. As part of this work, they put together a young person's advisory group. This group of young people will work directly with researchers to help shape health research and outcomes within the UK. The current name "Young peoples advisory group" didn't really speak to the core audience. They also wanted visual branding that directly spoke to a diverse set of ages ranges, sexes and nationalities within Manchester.

Illustration of a business meeting
Brand exploration session shown in illustrations

First stage

The first step we undertook was to deliver a branding session, with a small selection of the young people who are heavily involved in the group, as well as the facilitators. We discovered all about the group's ambitions and goals, we discovered there were an extremely large variety of NHS groups that would be represented, there were also a variety of aspirations from the young people themselves. We pulled together a variety of our notes to create visual minutes that would eventually inform the style of the brand and logo design.

The name

We delivered a naming workshop to really delve into the issue of the name. Over the course of the session a number of possible routes were developed but the name that really grabbed attention became "VoiceUp", with its ability to convey a number of messages but at the core of its essence; being about young peoples voices being important and wanting them to be heard.


The illustrated style was born out of the need to represent a variety of young people and their visions for the future, where photography would be difficult. When dealing with young adults their are extra precautions that are required for photography, illustration allows us to show a variety of people without this extra level of security and can add an extra level of anonymity and protection.

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