Print makes the difference

In a world that accepts digital without batting an eyelid, print is often seen as an extinct method of marketing. We love print, it gives your design a physical presence that adds true value to your clients' experience. Beautiful print makes us feel guilty about throwing it away, while it also makes us take notice. Another benefit of print is that in our digital world, its easier than ever to stand out with print. We love working with Huddersfield-based businesses to help them stand out with Print.

Why choose print for your next sales and marketing venture

Graphic design is often seen as a luxury in business, however truly great businesses know the value of well designed marketing collateral, from your free downloadable PDF self help guide, to printed brochures and business store front. Graphic design makes the difference to how professionally you will be perceived.

We believe print is invaluable, here are some reasons:

  1. Increases credibility
    Printed material takes more effort and financial ability to undertake compared to digital, while the digital sphere has opened up the ability to enter business for a vast number of entrepreneurs, who would not have been able to, (and are doing an amazing job) it has also increased the total number of amateurs presenting themselves as professionals. Print shows that you are a professional.
  2. Increased attention span
    Digital screens have destroyed our attention spans. People are no longer able to focus on one piece of material at any one time, we have a phone, a laptop and a TV all on the go at the same time. Print readers don't fall into this trap as much, the act of holding printed material forces us to concentrate more.
  3. Triggers multiple senses
    Touch is a powerful sense that cannot be denied. When we hold print it adds an extra level of engagement to our brains, which helps us remember the interaction, much like when a date touches your hand. The more senses we appeal to, the more successful advertising efforts are.
  4. Easier to read
    Research has shown that we process information differently when comparing print to digital screens. Print has been shown to increase attention span because we have fewer distractions, readers become more involved in the content when reading print. It has also been shown that our eyes find reading printed text easier than reading digital screens.

If you want to add beautifully printed material to your marketing mix, get in touch with us today.

Do you need printed material?

If you need beautiful print for your marketing campaign or branded stationery, get in touch with us today.

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