You need a privacy policy for your business

In 2024 it is imperative that you have an up-to date privacy notice for your business website. If you miss anything you are opening yourself up to a fine and possible problems with your users. We can help you to create the right policy for your business and ensure that you are GDPR compliant. Contact us if you need any assistance.

Bespoke policies for your business

There are numerous resources online that allow you to create an out of the box privacy notice based on a template. These are useful as a starting guide, but you should have these looked over by a professional. If you require a certified opinion from our GDPR experts or a completely bespoke notice writing for your business we are here to help.

Take a look at our privacy policy to get a better understanding of what you need in place or contact us to help your business ensure you have your legal responsibilities in place.

Image of woman engaging with privacy policy

Make your business compliant

If you're developing your website then talk to us today to see how we can make you GDPR compliant and avoid any future headaches.

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