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SEO helps your business in Huddersfield to get seen by the world!

Beautiful branding and website design are essential, but if your potential clients can't find you online you're never going to live up to your potential. SEO is a series of services that leverage search engines to get you seen by the right people at the right time, whether they’re in Huddersfield or across the world. If you’re ready to take your SEO to the next level, get in touch with us today.

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What’s involved in SEO for Huddersfield businesses?

SEO isn’t a quick fix solution for any business and it can take some time to be effective. However, the payoff is massive and helps your business to grow organically, while you work on delivering your key services. When helping to improve a websites’ ranking in Google through SEO, we use a 3 phase process to get results in Huddersfield and nationally.


To start with, we audit your website from a technical and design perspective to understand any problems that may be stopping you from ranking well, from page speed to layout, Google may penalise you and hold you back from your potential. Here we tidy up and optimise what you have in place. If your site structure isn’t in order you’ll never get the results you deserve, we design websites in Huddersfield that are optimised behind the scenes as well as looking good.


We believe that content is the bedrock of SEO. There's no point leading a horse to a watering hole, only to find it empty. Content keeps humans happy, which makes Google happy. We research which keywords are being looked for by your audience, then we can either help you to create your own content; or write your content for you with our professional copywriters in Huddersfield. Over time this content will help drive customers to your website while your optimised pages convert them into sales.


Once you have a website that works for you it’s important to work on factors off-site to help Google understand how great your website is. Working on your off-page optimisation we help Google to build trust with you based on the borrowed reputation of others, from PR techniques to social media and local search factors, we build your reputation in Huddersfield and across the internet to increase your visibility and ranking.

The benefits of SEO for your business?

If you only offer local services in Huddersfield, SEO can help you rank for the top local searches, giving you an edge over your competitors. For example, the search term “Huddersfield plumbers” has over 500 searches every month. If you’re a plumber in Huddersfield but don’t rank on the first page of Google or within the local search results, you’re missing out on a huge number of visitors to your website. With SEO we can help identify a series of keyword phrases your specific customers search for every day. Over time being found first, month in month out has massive benefits for your revenue. There's a reason people consistently pay for top spaces on Google.

Take a look at our blog post all about Page Speed for tips about the effects of page speed on SEO.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What SEO stands for?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is basically the act of optimising websites to rank highly in search engines, from technical improvements of the code and design of pages to enhancing the wording of a site to answer the questions users ask Google. However, there can be many more forms SEO takes and it can also refer to the person improving your website, e.g. an SEO may be a Search Engine Optimiser.

How many SEO keywords per page?

We believe the more keywords you have the better, but that doesn’t mean you can stuff your pages with them. They have to help your overall content and message, which often means that longer content works best for utilising your keywords. Most websites have very few words on each page, e.g. service pages are often 250-500 words maximum. This doesn’t leave you with much space to add many keywords, you can get away with one or two before you sound like a spammer. With long-form content, you can add in many more keywords in different forms. For instance, this question is actually a keyword question that ranks on Google, but the answer also gives us space to add more keywords. FAQs are a very powerful tool within your own website to gain more organic reach.

SEO vs Google ads?

Google ads use keyword research to appear in search results for specific terms users search in Google. By paying for these spots you are guaranteed to appear within certain spots at certain times, for this Google will charge you per click of your result. On the other hand, SEO is performing well and being found organically, though you may pay to get to a certain position with the use of an expert, once you are there you do no pay to receive these clicks. If done by yourself the only thing SEO will cost is time.

What SEO tools do you use?

When analysing your website we use a series of tools such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Pingdom Tools, GTmetrix, Keywords Everywhere, Ubersuggest, SEMrush and ahrefs. Some of these tools are available for you to use for free while others are premium options.

Are SEO tools worth it?

This really depends on the size of your business and which tools you are using, we always recommend users have full control of the basic free options such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics, however, you may find that some of the premium options are simply out of budget, as many are designed for agencies managing many clients. This spreads the cost over many users instead of one business. You may also find that your own time is worth more than the cost of outsourcing your SEO needs.

How often does SEO need to be done?

SEO isn’t a one time process, you need to constantly observe your website internally for any errors or complications that may arise, you also need to track your position in Google and Bing to make sure your competitors aren’t outworking you. Though Bing isn’t as well known or popular, it is still a much-used search engine, with some research showing that users generally spend more and are more affluent. Whether you’re a business in Huddersfield or London, SEO should be part of your marketing strategy and kept up to on a quarterly basis at least.

How important is location for SEO

When it comes to being found on Google, location is extremely important. These days Google is more likely to serve you results that match the geolocation they think you are searching from. This means if you go to a different place and search for the same thing, you're likely to get different results. Our aim is to get you found for your target keywords across multiple areas so that no matter where your clients are, they can find you. As an agency working in Huddersfield, we care about being found locally but we also target keywords that people from other areas such as Newcastle or London may be using. We use these same tactics to help you get found nationally or internationally.

Make your business stand out in Huddersfield

Our Huddersfield SEO services can help you get found online, no matter where your customers are. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help boost your rankings.

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