Everything you need to know: Web design for tradesmen

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Are you a tradesperson who’s highly skilled at your particular craft, but you know you deserve more jobs on your books? Well, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’re looking specifically at web design for tradesmen and some of the key aspects that you need to consider when building your website or hiring…

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How to easily create a brand for your new business

Back in 2020, we gave a 60 useful minutes webinar for The Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce as a patron. This talk was all about how to create a brand for Yorkshire businesses. We’ve updated that talk slightly to share it here with you. Now be warned this article is actually over 8000 words and…

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Rediscovering the power of Pottering!

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One of the more palatable, and indeed constructive aspects about the current lockdown is taking the opportunity to re-discover some long-standing favourite hobbies and interests. In my case, top of the long list is the pastime of ‘pottering’.  If you’re not completely sure what I’m on about here, my online dictionary gave the following synonyms: “Do nothing much, tinker about, fiddle around, do odd…

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Design tips to stop your audience from being exhausted

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“Don’t exhaust your audience.” As humans our brains have evolved into massive energy-guzzling computers, they use up a vast number of calories just by thinking. Meaning every time we look around us, taking information in from the environment, we deplete our available resources. The more we have to think the more exhausted we will quickly…

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Why you need to have a great brand identity

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If you approach a web designer, you will likely be told you need better design work to grow your business, if you go to a copywriter they will likely diagnose more content or better writing, the same goes for any myriad of professional services you can think of for your business. Everyone wants to sell…

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