Visual minutes

Visual minutes are a very specific form of illustration, taking your meeting or conference up a level with an engaging and thought provoking set of visual minutes. If you need a more engaging set of minutes recording from your meeting or conference then talk to us today.

Why use visual minutes?

Visual minutes are an interactive, live recording of your meeting, conference or event in an illustrated format. We listen to whats going on around us on the day, taking in concepts and ideas to then illustrate them visually for you and your guests. Capturing your event discussions in this format gives you're future readers a much more engaging format to take in the information, studies show that we retain much more information in our memories when it is paired with a graphical entity.

Some of the benefits of our visual minutes include:

  1. Increased information retention
    We retain more information when it is paired with a great visual.
  2. Increased impression of your event
    Adding visual minutes to your event increases the brand experience of your attendees
  3. After event gifts
    We offer different after event gifts based on your visual minutes, from thank you cards to posters for key stakeholders, these gifts help you to stand out further in your partners and attendees minds.

If you need visual minutes for your next event then talk to us today.

Image of GiftSurg Visual Minutes set in gallery

Use visual minutes to stand out

If you'd like us to help make your event even more successful, then talk to us today.

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