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Day or night, in Huddersfield and across the world, your website should work to show potential customers why you're amazing and why they need to hire your services.

If you need a website that works for you, then read on or start your website with us today. Whether you need local sales in Huddersfield or a national presence, we can get you to your goals through proven web design techniques and SEO principles.


Web design is much more than just making things look pretty

A business website is a key marketing tool that should work for you 24/7, capturing audiences and guiding them through the funnel that best serves their needs, as well as your sales objectives. We work with our clients to really understand their needs and tailor each website design to fulfil individual business objectives, whether they be to generate leads, make sales or arouse excitement, it's important that your web designer has your business interests at heart, not just to make pretty art (though looking great always helps).

Examples of websites designed in Huddersfield


Whether designing websites with clients in Huddersfield, Manchester or the USA, our first step is getting to truly understand your business objectives and goals for your web design.

At the exploration stage, we delve into your website's users and what success really looks like to you and your business. Every great website comes from understanding all stakeholders involved and this collaboration is invaluable. Great web design always involves much more than just making something that looks good, fulfilling business goals is vital for your long term success. Looking at your overall brand strategy we endeavour to align every message and value in your new web design to your brand identity.


Image of team working on design in Huddersfield
Image of wire framing for User Experience as part of web design process in Huddersfield

User experience

Once we've gained an understanding of the goals of your web design, we start to look at user experience; creating a top-down view of your overall site structure, user flows and wire-frames before designing the visual style of the website.

We focus on the goals of users and content needed before we delve into how everything will look. Defining the content needed and how a user will define their journey through your site is essential to success. A web designers job is to design the users path through all stages of the website, ensuring they can always find exactly what they need at the perfect time.

The actual website design

Once everyone's on the same page (pun alert), we start to flesh out the look and feel of your web design for you to sign off before we go into production.

We deliver the perfect design for your business based on our previous steps, ensuring your web design is an extension of your overall brand. We then work with you to make sure you're completely happy with the design and it's full steam ahead.

The aim of our website design is to please your customers, ensuring they want to stay on your new website and are able to get exactly what they need. Happy customers mean happy businesses.

Image of designer working on web design in Huddersfield
Two people looking at the final web design in Huddersfield

Building the website

The final stage of your website is building it, we often work with the WordPress platform on many of our sites so that you can easily make changes as often as you need and easily.

We want you to have full control of your online presence now and in the future, we'll teach you how to use your site providing you with video training so that you can easily follow our steps and pass instructions to new team members who may take over editing roles.

During this process we look at technical SEO and aspects such as page speed, then once you're happy, we're happy and we can show you off to the world.

Ready to find out more about how web design in Huddersfield can help boost your business?

Web design is about helping your customers. A well-placed call to action (CTA) at the right time in your users journey can do wonders for your conversions. If you're ready to learn more about how Huddersfield web designers can help your business, get in touch today.

What kind of websites do we build?

There are several key features that great web design must-have, but the actual type of website can vary, below are some of the web design variables we offer.

Lead-gen web design

In 2022 its important that your website not only gives your viewers an insight into your business and services; but that you are able to effectively capture your visitor details, turning them into leads for the future.

E-commerce sites

We develop e-commerce websites that enable you to sell your products and services online. From booking systems for services such as therapy sessions to full-scale multi-product businesses, we cover them all.

Social style websites

If you need a website that allows social interaction between your users, like Facebook or Twitter, we can implement this for you. The future is becoming more and more social in the digital age.

WordPress web design

WordPress is a great CMS, allowing you to easily control your website for long term success. We love it because it has the power to be used on massive websites, just as well as a small blog.

Our recent web design work

Image of website for Bright and Shining

Bright and Shining

Image of website for 126 Financial UK


Realistic Business Cards MockUp 4


Image of Flex-Telecom welbite on laptop


Trevor Seymour

Here at HD1 Fitness Clinic based in Huddersfield, we have used Breaking Free Design Ltd for our website building, maintenance and graphics ever since our opening, totally satisfied with the high standard and could comfortably recommend them. Owner at HD1 Fitness Clinic Ltd.

Kath Mcintyre

Best experience ever! Kyle Wisniewski is hugely talented but also patient with less gifted souls. Very reasonable charges for super service. Very happy with website.

Essentials for your website's design

Many design agencies give the option of extras and if you don't know much about web design, they may seem great, but often these options should be included as standard. Here is how we like to create websites, no matter how big or small the project.

1. Responsive

It's not only good to be responsive because it makes reading easier for your viewers, but Google will actively punish you for not adapting to different screens and devices. We design websites to be responsive as standard, not as an extra.

2. Hierarchy

We design websites with hierarchies at the forefront of our minds. Your site needs to not only look great and engage your viewers with unique content, but it also needs to direct them to the places that will give them exactly what they need.

3. Easy to read

Once we have your content blocks set up, we make sure that your site is easy to read. No long drawn out text essays that take up a whole page, we design websites to be easy to digest, structured to be read by real people.

4. Navigation

There's nothing more frustrating than being stuck on a website with no idea how to get to where you need. We design websites with clear navigation structures, that leave your visitors feeling cared for and understood.

Get more sales with web design

Every website is different. But here are our 3 considerations when choosing your Huddersfield web designer so that your website stands out and makes an impact straight away. Whether you need to create leads or sales, the basics are important.

Wow them

Remember you only get a few seconds to make a first impression! Make sure you work with a design agency who truly understand the importance of your brand assets and message.

Educate them

Marketing in 2022 is moving more and more away from manipulation; entering an age of true value exchange. Choose a team that understands how to treat users as people first.

Capture them

Many web design agencies fall short of the finish line when it comes to converting your website visitors into actual warm leads for your sales team. Pick a web design team that creates for business goals, not just love.

Web design FAQs

It's important for us that you get the most out of our content. Here we offer some frequently asked questions but if there's anything you want extra clarity on, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at the bottom of this page.

How‌ ‌much‌ ‌does‌ ‌web design ‌‌cost?‌ ‌

As the process can be very unique to each customer we don't offer one size fits all web design costs. We prefer to talk to our clients to learn about their business goals and overall needs before we create a unique proposal. Where some designers buy a £65 pre-made theme and just edit this, we create all of our sites from scratch, specifically for your needs. A basic, SEO optimised website will usually start around the £1200 mark, but this can all vary depending on what you need and the level of complexity. 

When it comes to your website design we believe it's important to factor in the cost of a poor website, compared to the benefit of a well-made web design. We have known clients spend hundreds of pounds multiple times, with different agencies trying to get done what could have been sorted the first time. 

Is your time important to you? Will you lose money by using the wrong agency? Get your web design done right the first time.

Why choose a Huddersfield ‌‌web designer‌?‌ ‌

In today's world, you have access to markets across the globe. If you live in London, going local can be extremely expensive. As a Huddersfield web design agency we have the great benefit of low local costs but still being situated in the middle of the UK. This gives us easy access to clients across the country, from London to Newcastle we're able to hop on a train or get on a quick Zoom call to discuss your business. If you live or operate a business in Huddersfield, going local is a great option.

Do you require payment before designing?

For security purposes we take a 50% deposit for web design with 50% payable on completion. By operating this way we are able to protect both ourselves and your business, as we both have skin in the game.

Who should write our web content?

We believe the best people to write about your business; is you. You know what you do and why you do it better than anyone. But to truly get the best SEO and user experience benefits from your content, hiring a copywriter is the way to go. This allows you to get across the information you know, but in a highly optimised way.

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