What is the benefit of an expensive logo design?

Depending on your business revenue and your location you may have a different idea of how much a logo should cost. They can range from free by a family friend, to thousands of pounds by a logo design freelancer or agency. So the question is, why would you ever want to pay a premium price? Let’s get into our thoughts on the matter.

Why choose a budget logo?

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We come across many clients who have previously had a logo designed by a family member for free typically using an app like Canva, or they are currently looking for professional logo design quotes to compare against a budget option. In many cases, the reason to opt for a free or cheap option is a lack of initial funding or fear of spending money on a business that may fail.

For the first reason, this can make perfect sense. If you are very new and have little in terms of funds then you need to maximise your spending at every corner. Spending thousands on a logo may make less sense than buying stock or advertising which has a more clear immediate benefit.

For the second reason, this is a clear problem. If you don’t have faith in your own business idea, it’s likely others won’t or that you haven’t researched your idea completely. A true logo design isn’t about creating an art piece that suits your personal preferences. A true logo designer will delve into researching your competitors and customers, as well as your overall industry to come up with a logo and wider brand that truly stands out and creates an impact.

What you get with a professional designer

When you approach a professional design company to design your logo, you get much more than just a logo. On its own a logo is rarely of much use, it’s the way it interacts with your overall business that matters. With free logo design, we often see a complete disconnect between the logo itself and the overall business. For instance, colours that are out of context, a myriad of fonts chosen and styles that simply adhere to the latest trend instead of being informed by the overall brand.

It is also likely that you will receive a limited number of applicable designs. A one size fits all is not an approach that works with most logos. Some logos will not work in a small space and require a minimal version. Some will not work against a dark background and need an inverted alteration. The same can happen with orientation, for instance, a vertically tall logo will not work for a horizontally wide space. When approaching a professional design agency you will receive a series of logos that suit all of the spaces you may need to use them.

A very serious consequence we often see with cheap logo design is a lack of print-ready designs. Having your logo supplied as a JPEG is not acceptable no matter who you are. At some point, you will need a high-resolution vector-based logo. In these instances, you will have to go back to the original designer to be supplied with the correct format, or attempt to recreate the design as a vector. This can be costly in time and financially.

Sometimes you may find a gem of a designer in a free or cheap option, however, the vast majority will cause you problems further down the line. If you want to start a conversation regarding your own logo design, contact us to find out more.

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