What you need to know before getting a logo design

If you’re thinking about getting a new logo designed, there are some simple but important things to know before you part ways with your money and pick the wrong designer. Below we’ve outlined some of our most important things to ask about when deciding on your designer, to make sure you get value for your money.

Colour variations

When getting a logo designed, you are always best to receive your logo in a variety of different colours. You will want these to suit your overall brand and be able to be used in both light and dark situations. For instance, our logo is blue and yellow. The blue box can be used against a white or light background very easily. However, for situations where we use a blue background, we need a slightly altered version. In the early stages make sure to mention that you will need these variations.


You never want to be stuck with a logo that doesn’t fit the space you need. For instance, you may want your logo to be tall for most places you use it, but on your website header, you have a wide and short space. Having just one type of logo will give you problems here. In our experience, it’s always best to have a variety of different alignments and length logo options. Wide, tall, left-aligned and centred are all great options to have if the need arises.

The right size

Much like the orientation of your design you also want a responsive logo design. Sometimes you may have 30cm of space to fit your logo, others you may only get 2cm. Having your full logo squeezed into a tiny space can end up pixelated or illegible, which isn’t a great look. We recommend always getting an icon version to match your logo design but stripped back to show off the essence only. Think of how Facebook have the full word for most uses but for small spaces they can utilise the letter F alone. You want to have this safety net for your own business.

File formats

A very important thing to think about when getting your logo designed, is to make sure that your designer is going to give you the correct file formats. We have seen many clients only able to offer us a jpeg file to work with. This is very limiting for future designers as well as restricting the client to use the original designer for many new projects. Your logo designer should hand over a set of files that you can use in new artwork as well as in print. We recommend stating that you will require PNG, PDF and EPS files of all formats supplied.

With these aspects in mind, you can future proof your logo design and save yourself the heartache of trying to rectify these issues later. If you’re looking for a logo designer in Huddersfield then take a peek at our current work and get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

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