Why is your logo designers location important?

When looking for a logo designer, you’ll likely think about the question of the location of your designer. In the global market that we live in you have to ask yourself what’s important to you in your designer. In this mini-article, we’ll discuss the benefits and cons of a local designer for your next logo project.

Easy access

The first obvious point to think about in choosing a designer based on their location; is how easy are they to access for meetings and to discuss your project. By choosing a local designer, it will be easier and often quicker for you to be able to arrange a face to face meeting to discuss your logo design brief. I.e. as a logo designer in Huddersfield, it’s often easier for us to have in-person meetings with other Yorkshire or northern businesses such as those in Manchester or Leeds. For some clients, a face-to-face meeting is of the utmost importance. They need a logo designer who can meet with them and get to understand the person they’re dealing with.

With the rise of connectivity both physically and digitally, there are now many more opportunities to meet with other businesses in more efficient ways. For clients based as far as Newcastle, Essex or London a train ride is easy to arrange. However, where time is of concern, digital meeting spaces such as Zoom or Teams have transformed the way many do business. If you’re dealing with a logo designer based within the same country, it is much easier to get a digital or phone-based meeting arranged.

In the modern age, many businesses have opted for non-local logo designers such as those based in India. In these places the price can often be much lower than going for a local designer due to the cost of living. For instance, if you live in London you’re cost of living and business is much higher due to the cost of property as well as other factors. If you hire a designer in another country this can be vastly reduced, which can have a cost lowering effect on their outputs. The same is also true of intercountry hiring. If you are from an area in the UK with high costs, you can see similar effects by hiring outside of this area. For us we can be seen as highly competitive for businesses based in areas such as Shoreditch, as the cost of living in Huddersfield is compareitevly low.

It’s important to always remember quality in comparison to price however. There are a million different options online for your logo design, cost should never be the main focus. Your logo and overall brand will be an investment that lives with your business for many years to come (if not its entire life), so its important to get it right.

Understanding your area

A consideration worth taking is knowledge of your area. If you’re a local business dealing primarily with local customers, hiring a local designer with a feel for the land can be hugely beneficial. Being on the ground, talking to your customers and learning about more than just their face value, stereotypical demographics can do wonders for transforming your visual and verbal identity. After all, at its heart your logo design and overall brand is an extension of who you are and needs to align with how you want customers to view you. If you primarily deal with local customers then knowledge of that area can lift you up immensely. Hiring an outside freelancer or agency can bring fresh ideas rather than using the same old stale ideas, e.g. many Huddersfield businesses use the monument of Castle Hill as their logo. Though this can be seen as an obvious unifying symbol, it is used all too much by too many. Hiring a designer from outside of your area can open you up to fresh ideas based on more expansive research rather than face value local knowledge.

If you pick a well respected and trust worthy designer with a background in serving business needs, they are less prone to the problem of not understanding your local needs. However if you opt for a website like Fiverr or 99 Designs, you are more likely to get a fast and cheap option that won’t take any considerations regarding your location.

It stands to reason that you want communication to be as seamless as possible, which means speaking the same language is a must. With a large proportion of the world speaking English for business, you probably won’t struggle to get a designer whether its for your logo or website, that can speak your language. But when I say “Speaking your language” I really mean the nuances of your dialect or area. Different words can mean completely different things in different regions, so its important that you hire a designer who is well versed in research, regardless of their location.

A designer who knows more than just art

The internet is full of designers from across the world who have excellent artistic abilities, you may even have a niece or nephew who are able to put together a great looking piece of art. But your logo is much more than just a piece of art. We’ve mentioned it in many places on this website but at its core your logo is a business identity, it doesn’t matter if it’s the most beautiful, most fancy design in the world. It only matters that it’s simple, timeless, versatile and appropriate for your business. When browsing social media I often see posts highlighting a businesses pride in their new logo, however there are so many of these occasions where the logo is actually more of a piece of art and will definitely cause them problems are some point, from being blurry in certain spaces to taking up too much height and more. It looks like we’ve come across a theme here, wherever your designer is located, make sure they know the business of design, not just design aesthetics.


We believe your designers location is much less important than their actual abilities. Go for the designer who can demonstrate:

  • Ability to communicate with you in the way you need
  • Ability to research your market and target audience
  • Ability to communicate efficiently
  • Ability to understand business goals not just create art

If you do this you will set yourself up for success whether your designer is based in Huddersfield, Essex or India!

If you’re currently looking for a designer we believe it’s important to know the basics of branding to know when you’re being ripped off or you’re in need of a more robust designer, as such we’ve written a branding guide to help people understand the various aspects that go into a brand beyond the logo itself. Whether you’re looking to undertake your own logo design online or you’re hiring a professional, understanding the basics is always helpful.

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